Final events of the year: Vegandale Miami 12/2 and Sarasota VegFest 12/3

Past Events

Here are some of the past events that Vegans Rock Apparel have been at.


Jan 20-21 2018 Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival (Confirmed)
Scottsdale Civic Center Amphitheater
Jan 28, 2018
SacTown Vegfest
Feb 17th 2018 Central Coast VegFest
Veterans Hall, San Luis Obispo
Feb 23, 2018
Zen Night - Mesa AZ
Feb 24, 2018 PHX VegFest (Confirmed)
Location: Margaret T Hance Park, Phoenix
Mar 17-18 2018 VegOut! Scottsdale Vegan Beer & Food Festival (Confirmed)
Scottsdale Waterfront
March 25, 2018 Vegan Street Fair 
Los Angeles
March 31, 2018 Vegan Village - Las Vegas
Apr 7, 2018 Seattle VegFest
May 6th 2018 LA VegFest 
Woodley Park, Encino CA
May 19th & 20th 2018 NY Vegetarian Food Festival 
Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street
May 26th Eat Drink Vegan 
Rose Bowl - Pasadena CA
June 2nd VeganDale Food and Drink Festival 
June 16th 2018 South Bay VegFest 
San Jose Fairgrounds
June 23rd 2018 Corpus Christi VegFest
June 30th VeganDale Food & Drink Festival
July 7th Long Beach Vegan Festival 
Long Beach CA
July 21st and 22nd VegOut Portland
July 28th and 29th 2018 Colorado VegFest (Confirmed)
1stBank Center, Broomfield Colorado
Aug 12, 2018 VeganDale Toronto
Aug 18th & 19th Kansas City VegFest 
Kansas City MO
Sept 22nd and 23rd 2018 Dublin VegFest 
Griffith College, Dublin Ireland
Sep 29th Vegas VegFest 
Las Vegas NV
Sept 29th & 30th VeganDale Food & Drink Festival- New York
Oct 13th Oahu VegFest (Pending)
Oahu HI
Oct 20th & 21st SoCal VegFest (Pending)
Oct 20th & 21st Portland Vegfest (Pending)
Portland TX
Oct 27th Texas VegFest (Confirmed)
Dallas TX
Nov 3, 
2018 Vegan Village - Las Vegas
November 4th Southwest Vegfest 
Phoenix AZ
November 10th VegOut Tucson 
Tucson AZ
Vegan Street Fair Presents Vegan Sundays
North Hollywood CA





VegFest Oahu

Sonoma County VegFest 2017


VegFest Colorado 2017


Long Beach Vegan Festival 2017


California Summer VegFest San Jose 2017


VegFest Houston 2017


Eat Drink Vegan Los Angeles 2017


NY Vegetarian Food Festival 2017

(We did not have a booth at this event but attended to research for next year)


Herbivore Festival Spring 2017


Los Angeles VegFest 2017


Texas VegFest Austin 2017


Vegan Street Fair 2017

PHX Vegan Food Festival 2017


Green Saturday Winter 2017


Green Saturday 2016


LA Vegetarian Food Festival 2016


Exposure 2016 

Unfortunately we had to cancel at the last minute and did not make it  



SoCal VegFest 2016


Portland VegFest 2016


Circle V 2016


Vegan Oktoberfest 2016


Herbivore Festival 2016


Green Fesitival EXPO 2016


Green Saturday 2016


Colorado VegFest 2016


The Veggie Connection 2016 


Vegan Beer & Food Festival Portland 2016 (EAT DRINK VEGAN)


Vegan Beer & Food Festival Los Angleles 2016 (EAT DRINK VEGAN)


Long Beach VegFest 2016


Green Saturday Summer 2016


Los Angles VegFest 2016


Vegas Vegfest 2016


VegFest Tuscon 2016


HealthFest 2016


Vegan Street Fair 2016


PHX Vegan Food Festival 2016



Green Saturday Winter 2016


Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival




Green Saturday 


So Cal VegFest 2015


Vegan Oktoberfest 2015


Healthy Junk Vegan Faire 2015


VegFest Colorado 2015


Vida Vegan Con 2015


San Diego VegFest 2015


Layola Marymont EcoFair


HealthFest 2015

I was lucky enough to be a speaker at this event as well. It was very humbling!

World Vegan Summit & Expo 2015


Vegan Street Fair 2015

The first Vegan Street Fair was also the first event that we ever did!!