Final events of the year: Vegandale Miami 12/2 and Sarasota VegFest 12/3

First Road Trip of 2022

Hello everyone, I know its been a long time since we blogged anything but that’s about to change. Last month we purchased a Sprinter Van and will be hitting the road to some Vegan Festivals across the county!

First up on May 21st is Vegandale Miami for info

We are so excite to be going back to Miami!! We did the first Miami event in 2019 and it was a blast. Let’s make this year even bigger and better!

We will then be heading up the East Coast and hope to team up with some other vegan vendors for some pop up events in Washington DC, North Carolina, New Hampshire and a few others. Stay tuned for details.

Next up is Lancaster PA Vegfest on June 4th and 5th. This is our first time to Lancaster and can’t wait. for more info.

After Lancaster we are looking for additional Pop Up events in PA, Ohio, Michigan and Chicago area before ending up at Vegandale Miami on June 11th.

So this is a 3 plus week road trip from Los Angeles across the southern states to Miami, up the entire East Coast, and across middle America back to California.

If any of you have followed our past travels we depend a lot on our vegan friends across the country. We have been fortunate enough to meet many of our Social Media followers at festivals and meet ups. We have slept on floors, couches and tents traveling to festivals spreading the vegan message through fun fashion. While we have always been grateful for the offers of help at events, and places to crash along the way. Things being how the are the pandemic has hit us hard just like many others and limited our travel and events the last 2 1/2 years to almost nothing which as you can imagine took a toll on sales. About 90% of our sales come from events and the other 10% is the website and special orders.

So we are looking forward in more ways than one to get back on the road. We do have our Sprinter van so hopefully won’t need any couches this trip haha but if you live near any of these events and would like to offer up a safe yard, driveway, or vineyard to park in overnight please reach out! 

Also we are looking for paid help for Miami, Lancaster and Chicago. Please reach out if interested. And last thing please follow out SM accounts and our travels!


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